Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The John Show Needs Your Help

For those in Adams County, Pennsylvania, you are no doubt acquainted with The John Show, philosopher John Bardi's Wednesday night public access open-forum call-in show. This show is truly one of a kind. It is a quirky, fun, and interesting exploration of the ideas and minds of south central PA.

I have received an appeal from Joe Hicks, the show's producer. Unfortunately, after eight years, the show is in need of help:

Lately we have been encountering significant problems seeking even the modest funding necessary to keep John on the air. I am not writing you to solicit funds, I am merely looking for suggestions. In order to air the John Show we need to accumulate a total of $50 per week in underwriting and sponsorship. We offer 30 second advertising spots aired four times a day seven days a week as compensation for contributions. If we cannot find this support by the end of the month the show may have to go off the air. I took John's class as a freshmen before moving to University Park as a sophomore. I consider him to be a fine educator and after four years at University I found few classes to be as stimulating. If you can offer me any aid in finding support, public or private, for the further dissemination of philosophical thought in Adams County please contact me.
If you or someone you know is intersted in helping keep this institution of free-flowing thought on the air, please contact Joe at jhicks@actv.org. With such modest needs, hopefully we can save the John Show. Joe wanted me to be absolutely clear that they would not be asking if they weren't in real danger of losing the show. Please help if you can.

Gettysburg readers, what are your favorite John Show moments?