Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Marriage and Metaphysics

Today is my anniversary. Interestingly, it is also TheWife's anniversary. We did that on purpose in order to make it easier to remember.

The story of our meeting is long, but suffice it to say that despite living quite far from each other, over the course of several years our paths crossed an eerie number of times. We know that we were in the same room, parked in adjacent spots, and and walked past each other at a couple of different institutions. Yet, it was not until we were both in precisely the right places in our lives and personal development that we actually met at which point it was extremely quick to deep meaningful exclusive relationship-for-life-land. An incredible stroke of dumb luck says I, fate says she.

And so this is our question for today. Is there any meaningful sense of fate? Is there a metaphysical master plan? Is there a sense of karma in which the universe makes sure you reap what you sow? Are there biological or sociological factors that irreversibly lead to non-trivial end results in terms of life choices or actions?