Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Retires

Today, Fidel Castro announced his retirement. After fifty years leading Cuba, he says that he no longer has the mobility and drive needed to continue the revolution and while this is not his farewell, he has decided to retire.

So, the obvious question is what do you do if you are a retired communist autocrat? Stepping down doesn't mean slowing down. I think we ought to give the man a few suggestions to help him enjoy and enrich his golden years, or, whatever more proletarian metal would be more appropriate to use there:

Bourgeois bingo using little markers with Karl Marx's face to try to be the first to cover a big dollar sign.

Take up cooking. Bay of Pigs pork chops with a Lenin-lime glaze.

How about hosting a tv game show, "Name that Assassination Attempt"?

Fronting a public health initiative design to help men avoid prostate cancer using the tagline, "Help stop the Cuban Pissile Crisis."

Other suggestions?