Thursday, April 10, 2008

And Now For A Candidate Who Is Completely Different

So I came across this:and lo and behold, whom do I spot amongst the Obama supporters but Gary Hardcastle. Yes, some around here believe that he is a figment of my imagination, my invisible friend, a created fiction, but now we have empirical evidence of his material existence -- he's the guy with two stickers on his sweatshirt.

Gary also happens to be the co-editor of the fantastic book Monty Python and Philosophy. He is not, however, the only person with some connection to Python who is supporting Obama. Indeed, word comes out of the LA Times that none other than John Cleese himself has offered to collaborate with Obama:

Barack Obama's skills as an orator already have left enraptured audiences in his wake from coast to coast. Now comes word that if he's willing to expand his circle of collaborators, the act he takes on the road could forever redefine the boundaries of political speech.

We gush, of course. But it's hard not to be agog when contemplating the final product that could result if Obama's rhetorical talents get teamed up with those of John Cleese.
The article, of course, mentions the possibility of a new cabinet post for silly walks and gratuitously links to famed Flying Circus sketch in the on-line version. My guess is that rather than a cabinet post, he would make a fine Ambassador to Germany -- just don't mention the war.That was for Hanno.