Friday, August 01, 2008


I don't get Hooters. What are they selling? You look at the name, the way they write the o's, the marketing, and you figure it's about breasts. But in reality, it's just a regular restaurant. A bunch of guys watching NASCAR, eating wings. WINGS! Even when Hooters serves chicken, they don't let you see a breast. So, my sense is that it is a topless bar for people who don't want to go to a bar and don't want to see anyone topless. It's what would happen if Disney decided to open up a strip club -- "You see, it's just like it only with no strippers, making it a wholesome destination for the whole family."

The whole thing seems to be a bit like Confederate Civil War re-enactors. I haven't joined the real Army to go to an actual war in Iraq, but I just want to say I'm a rebel who has sympathy with the non-politically correct side of things...just not that much of a rebel.

Someone please explain Hooters to me.