Friday, February 27, 2009

Infectious Disease: Anecdotal Evidence Anyone?

Is it me or has this been a really bad year for infectious diseases, colds, flus, and the like? Just getting over a round myself and my classrooms at Gettysburg and at the middle school have been decimated by it this year. It's always bad this time of year, but this year has seemed worse.

Of course, there will always be fluctuations. some years the strains of flu become more easily spread, some years harder to fight off, some years more potent in the body. But when I had Lyme the other year, went to see an expert in infectious diseases down near DC. Smart guy, former head of the really smart doctors studying infectious diseases group (I forget the official name), and after the consult we started chatting. He said that at their last meeting, Al Gore came they had a session on the effects of global warming and the spread of infectious diseases.

We can't, of course, draw any inference from a single data point, but how's it in your neck of the woods?