Friday, January 08, 2010

Why Do You Know That?

Let's go back once more to this one. It's the converse of "Auto Mechanics to Quantum Mechanics" where you provide everyone with those tidbits of useless knowledge you have stored away for no good reason.

My contribution:

Not all horse/donkey hybrids are mules, only those with a donkey father and a horse mother. A male horse and a female donkey produce a hinny.

Graham crackers were developed by the Reverend Sylvester Graham in 1829 as part of a religious movement. The cookies were thought to be nutritious in a way that would suppress immoral desires...including those that come with gooey marshmallows and soft melted chocolate.

Isaac Newton only laughed once in his life, when a student asked him of what use is learning geometry.

So, what do you know and why do you know it?