Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clean Air Act?

My Fellow Comedists,

There is a battle in the Malawi courts over the interpretation of a new clean air law:

The Local Courts Bill, to be introduced next week reads: "Any person who vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the public to the health of persons in general dwelling or carrying on business in the neighbourhood or passing along a public way shall be guilty of a misdemeanour." Mr Chaponda, a trained lawyer, insists that this includes farting. However, he was directly contradicted by Solicitor General Anthony Kamanga, who says the reference to "fouling the air" means pollution.
Does this mean that you could be charged with attempted murder in Malawi for a "silent, but deadly"? Apparently, this is what "passes" for organized crime there.

Live, love, and laugh,

Irreverend Steve