Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hank Williams, Jr.: O.k., Obama as Hitler, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...But Netanyahu?

Everyone has surely seen the Hank Williams, Jr. rant from Fox's morning show by now. But, to remind you: So, Obama playing golf with Boehner is like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu? I get the Obama/Hitler reference -- both are hated by conservatives and by the transitivity property of right-wing loathing, if conservatives hate Hitler and conservatives hate x, then x is like Hitler.

But what is the Netanyahu reference here? Is it that Republicans are nationalist hawks and Netanyahu is a nationalist hawk, so Netanyahu is a metaphorical Republican? Dominionists have warm fuzzies over pro-war Israelis, so is that a peculiar compliment?

Is it, as Bocephus seems to mean, an attack, lumping him in with the "enemies"? Is this enemy status a simple result of Netanyahu being a Jew? Was is naive, straight forward anti-Semitism? Was it that he was metaphorically John Boehner who was working with the enemy, so Netanyahu being a Jew is a modern day Judas?

Trust me, there is no love here for Netanyahu, but my beef with him (brisket) is surely not that of Hank Jr (double bacon cheeseburger). So, what sense should we make of the reference?