Friday, October 20, 2006

More Evidence of Comic Design

For those new to the Playground, weekends are reserved for Comedist sermons. Comedism is the new religion wherein that which is holy is that which is funny. Here is an introduction to Comedism; passages from our holy book, The Comedist Manifesto; Comedist support for evolution and gay marriage; how Comedism was founded; and a note on the fundamentalist War on Comedy.

Today we look at yet another piece of evidence to support our theory of Comic design. Sometimes the world is simply too funny, the jokes set up too perfectly for it to be a matter of pure chance. It must be humorous Divine intervention.

It was announced this week that Cracker Barrel is allegedly up to their old discriminatory tricks. They are being sued by an African-American mother and her daughter for refusing to serve them. Who is this woman? The mother of none other than Chris Rock. Yup, Chris Rock with a personal issue with CRACKER BARREL. You cannot tell me that a set-up that crisp, an issue that loaded, and comedian that sharp could all come together accidentally. Nope, we have more evidence that the universe is one big joke.