Monday, November 20, 2006

Corrupting the Youth, Sorta

Great story from Hanno:

OK, so I teach a course on Political Philosophy, and in part of that course we read Marx's Communist Manifesto (not related to the Comedist Manifesto). And I have a student taking this course who happens to be a Christian, and he carries a bible with him in his backpack. This being the Bible belt, periodically there are people who come to campus giving away free Bibles. My student was approached by one such person, who asked if he wanted a Bible. My student replied "No, I already have one!" and reached into his backpack, and grabbed what felt like his Bible. But in fact, he pulled out triumphantly the Communist Manifesto, complete with a large hammer and sickle insignia!

The old man passing out Bibles was stunned, his jaw dropped, and a look of shock replaced his look of joy.