Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who Do You Feel Sorry For?

I feel sorry for former Maryland Lieutenant governor Kathleen Kennedy Townshend. Before George "Macaca" Allen's implosion took him from shoe-in to laughing stock, she had a firm grip on the title of "worst political campaign in the last decade."

I feel sorry for the children of the Senate barber. You know at least some of Conrad Burns' ill-gotten Abramoff loot went for tips. With Jon "flat top" Tester coming in, I don't think Christmas will be the same next year.

I feel sorry for the administrative assistants working on K Street. That's going to be one big pile of resumes to sort through in the next few days.

Finally, I must say it, I feel truly sorry for Donald Rumsfeld. Getting fired by George W. Bush for incompetence is like Paul Prudhomme telling you to drop some weight.

Who do you feel sorry for today?