Friday, January 05, 2007

Pity Party: Who Do You Feel Sorry For?

Lots of people deserving pity recently. Here are mine:

I feel sorry for George Allen. Former Senator Macaca tried so hard, but with Keith Ellison, the first Muslim American Congressman, being sworn in with Thomas Jefferson's personal copy of the Koran, Virgil Goode replaces Allen as the biggest racist jackass to be recently elected from Virginia.

I feel sorry for Chevy Chase, with Gerald Ford having gone the way of his talk show, one of his classic bits is gone forever.

I feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh. Nixon and Reagan both used the FBI to cover up the fact that William Renquest was addicted to painkillers and suffering from paranoid delusions. The fact that Limbaugh's own drug addiction and paranoid delusions were allowed to be made public clearly means that he just isn't that important to the conservative movement.

I feel sorry for Generals Casey and Abizade and John Negroponte. I thought that when Bush demoted you for not doing your job well, he was supposed to give you the medal of freedom.

So who do you feel sorry for today?