Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Name That Holiday

Contrary to SteveD's contention, I was in no way fishing for my own holiday with yesterday's post. He does, however, raise a darn good question: What holidays are missing from the calendar? What new holidays should be created?

My suggestions:

Don Rickles' birthday would be National Insult Day where for one day a year you can say anything to anyone and not have it taken personally. (The greeting cards for this one would be magnificent -- "red is for roses, green is for grass, that dress makes you look like you have a fat ass," "violets are purple, roses are red, your comb over looks like there's a dead squirrel on your head"-- feel free to compose your own in the comments.)

Mentor's Day in which we set aside to time to thank that person who took the time to help us get where we are today.

Cesar Chavez' birthday as a day of recognition of all those who work on behalf of justice.
Others? Who should be recognized, but isn't now?