Thursday, December 06, 2007

Job Interview Tips and Stories

I'm giving a talk today to the philosophy grad students at Johns Hopkins about job interviews. Any helpful hints or horror stories?

My favorite job interview story was when I brought in a friend to fill the adjunct spot I was leaving at the United States Naval Academy. He got a migraine so severe that after his job talk he went straight to the men's room to throw up. He became dehydrated and was in so much pain that he left the interview in an ambulance. The department, primarily ethicists, felt so bad that they gave him the job. He's a brilliant man and a great teacher, so he no doubt would have gotten it anyway, but it was an interview like no other. It's the sort of thing that gives a department a reputation...did you hear about the last guy who interviewed here? They had to take him to the hospital in an ambulance!

Other stories or tips for those looking to get a job?