Friday, January 11, 2008

The Feast of Saint Mack

Brothers, Sisters, and Transgendered Comedists Everywhere,

This week we celebrate the birthday of Mack Sennett who would be one hundred and twenty three. He is most famously the brain behind the Keystone Kops which introduced the comic car chase and pie fight into our comedic vocabulary.

In his honor, this weekend let us offer up some policeman jokes:

1st Officer: "Guess who I pulled over in a traffic stop the other day?"
2nd Officer: "Who?"
1st Officer: "Janet Jackson!"
2nd Officer: "Speeding?"
1st Officer: "Nah, she had one headlight out."

How many cops does it take to throw a man down the stairs?
None. He fell.

Finally, my favorite:
At the end of a two week trip to the US by the Pope, His Holiness is given a day off and is asked what he would like to do. "You know," he says, "it may sound strange, but I'd really like to drive for a while. I'm always getting driven everywhere, I'd like to get back behind the wheel." So, the Pope and the driver of his limo and takes off. Used to driving in Germany with no speed limit on the Autobahn, he gets pulled over. The officer approaches the driver's side window and the Pope rolls it down apologizing for any traffic infraction.

The cop goes back to his car and picks up the radio, asking to talk to the chief. "Chief," he says, "I've got a problem. I pulled over someone really important and I don't know what to do."

"Is it the governor?" asks the Chief.

"More important," says the cop.

"Senator Wellby again?" asks the Chief.

"More important," says the cop.

"Who is it?" asks the Chief.

"I have no idea," says the cop, "but it's got to be someone BIG...the Pope is his chauffeur."
Your favorites police jokes?

Have a great week everyone...and, hey, let's be careful out there.

Live, love, and laugh,

Irreverend Steve