Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pity Party: Who Do You Feel Sorry For Today?

We haven't had a pity party here in a while, so we're overdue.

This week I feel sorry for the makers of roller coasters. Thanks to the stock market, they have joined the first baker who sliced bread, the ship-builders who gave us the Titanic, and the engineers who designed the Hindenburg as creators of the world's most worn-out metaphors.

I feel sorry for George W. Bush's speech writers. They've got his last State of Union address to write, a historical document that will be analyzed for generations and for it they are restricted to only using variants of the word "quack."

Finally, I feel sorry for Fred Thompson. He was hailed as the savior of the GOP when he was considering a run and now he leaves having attracted very little voter support. What does it say about our country when a aged, white, conservative actor who speaks of the Soviet Union can no longer be made President of the United States of America?

So, who do you feel sorry for this week?