Friday, March 21, 2008


Meant to answer the rest of the questions today, but came down with a stomach bug and am a bit preoccupied. Here are the unanswered ones -- take a swing if you care.

What is mereological nihilism, exactly?

How are things similar, so that they are knowable?From Aristotle's most telling Aporia in the Metaphysics, it was an eye opener for me when i was studying the Teacher of those who know...

What's the best way to quit smoking? By best, I mean the way that remains the most effective over the long term, not the easiest way; the best may in fact be the hardest.

Are there any synthetic a priori truths? Are there any analytic empirical truths?

1.)How do you think the Second Amendment should be interpreted, given that the idea of a militia opposing the government is almost inconceivable now? Should a new firearm-related amendment be proposed?

2.) Do you think a drinking age of 21 is appropriate? Do you buy into the studies done saying that 18 is more practical? Do you think it's just colleges doing the studies and getting skewed results?

3.) Is fearing death rational, irrational, or just sort of understandable?

4.)Is chivalry dead?

5.) Does my right to swing my fist really end at another man's nose? How do we determine just punishments? Hamurabi may make the how world blind, but mightn't that teach us a lesson for once?
Chris V

Go to town, I'm going to the toilet...