Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Our Blogoversary!

Philosophers' Playground opened two years ago with the simple little post:

Red rover, Red rover, send some smart, funny people right over.
And, man oh man, it happened. You friends really are the reason this has remained fun. The witty snark, the insightful comments, the spirited disagreements without ad hominem attacks, I really do love seeing what comes out of the folks who hang around here. I try to keep this from being just about me and you friends make it worthwhile.

I want to thank those who are regular commenters (some of whom I know from various stages of my life, a few I've known for most of my life, while others I've never met in their non-on-line incarnations), but i also want to thank very much those who lurk. I've got a bunch of blogs myself where I love to read, but don't comment upon, so I know right where you are coming from. So, for everyone who stops by, thanks.

Now that we're in our terrible twos, don't be surprised to see posts consisting of "Mine! Mine! Mine!" or whining "It's not fair..." or simply me throwing a tantrum for seemingly no good reason.

Thanks again everyone for two fun years.