Monday, March 22, 2010

We're Four! It's Our Blogiversary

Today the Philosopher's Playground turns four years old. We've had 1278 posts to bat around (at least three or four of them were goods one, too) and almost a quarter of a million hits. I want to thank all of you who have come out to play, whether you are regular commenters or lurkers. I do strive, above all, to make this a fun place to exchange ideas.

I love the mix of old friends, family members, colleagues, former students, fellow Comedists, and on-line folks I know only through the Playground. You keep it fresh and enjoyable because even after four years, whenever I think I know what conversation will come from a post (and yes, sometimes I write things that I KNOW will bait one or another of you into commenting...) the discussion often takes a turn that I never foresaw and find fascinating (o.k., except for the threads about tipping etiquette which are pretty much always the same and which I keep putting out there to annoy Kerry).

So, the question for today is where to go now. Things change over the years. My posts now are shorter than they used to be, often less political. I write fewer op/ed type posts and have more open questions. Are there occasional features that you'd like to see come back or come out more often? More or fewer "auto mechanics to quantum mechanics" weeks? More snark? Fewer language questions? New ideas?

Thanks everyone for four fun years.