Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can We Stick a Fork in Him Yet?

So a tape of racist, sexist, anti-Semite, drunk driver and wife beater Mel Gibson's verbal abuse has been released as they are going through divorce hearings. Why is he still working? Is it that he's good looking? Is it that his fame is pre-established before the world came to know that this son of a Holocaust denier is the scum bag that he is? Or is it that Christian conservatives are held to a different standard? As long as you are conservative, you are given a cultural get out of jail free card=. Rush Limbaugh, after his drug addiction scandal paid no price. Is this more of the same? The saying in the blogosphere is IOKIYAR -- it's o.k. if you are Republican -- conservatives can run people out of town for small slips if they are liberal and the press will act as their enforcers, but for conservatives? Of course not. He made a Jew hating movie about Jesus, he must be a good man. How much of a jerk does Mel Gibson has to be before we can finally be rid of him?