Monday, January 31, 2011

Passions and Avocations

Weekends are busy. The less short of the shorties has an acting class and the shorter of the shorties is taking a clinic teaching the basic skills of playing catcher. It was exciting watching both of them find their thing, something that was not only fun for them, but that transformed them, an activity where they really transcended the little person you see in other aspects of their lives, where the hard work was not drudgery but clearly was being fueled by a fire inside, something purely internal. What worries me is that I have the same thing when I go to work in the morning -- teaching philosophy isn't just a job for me, it's an avocation, a calling. I could not imagine doing anything else and feeling whole in the same way. Odds are she won't become an actor and he won't become a catcher. But, there will be ways for it to remain a part of their lives if they are creative.

At the same time, they have had the experience of feeling that feeling, of being able to feel like they are where they belong, of being driven, of swimming with the current. My question is whether everyone has that something. Is there some activity -- whether employable or not -- to which one would gladly spend one's life and energy, that is a part of you? Does everyone have a calling, it's just that some are in more fortunate circumstances to be able to answer the call or do some people live completely take it or leave it lives where numerous acceptable options remain open, but no have to have it needs are present?