Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mitch Hedberg: Not Forgotten

Midweek Comedist post for everyone. Today is the official re-launch of Mitch Hedberg's webpage by his widow Lynn Shawcroft. Truly a labor of love, she has compiled an archive of old material, writings, and notes. It not only includes Hedberg's own work, but remembrances. One of Lynn's is this beautiful story:

Once, while being driven from the Atlanta airport to the hotel, our cab driver started talking shit. He was creeping towards a racist rant. We were still a ways away from the hotel when it dawned on us that he felt super okay with being a hateful weirdo.

Mitch leans forward, “Hey Man. Up here on the right is a deli that sells Boar’s Head Ham. Can you stop so we can grab something to eat?”


Mitch returned with THREE subs. No one spoke for the rest of the trip.

Lesson learned. It’s impossible to spew racist crap while eating a delicious sandwich.

I miss you Mitch.

- Lynn
Try to read that and not hear Hedberg's voice and cadence. The humanity, the gentleness, but the way of dealing with a situation that no one else would have thought of -- classic Mitch Hedberg.

Thank you Lynn for all the work.