Thursday, June 09, 2011

Does God Hate Right-Wing Christians or Is Global Weirding Real?

We've had a lot of significant weather events lately from flooding along the Mississippi and in the Dakotas to tornadoes through the South and Midwest. What is interesting is that the places where these weather events are occurring are also the places where we find significant support for conservative Christian right-wing politics. When Katrina hit New Orleans, we heard from some of these folks that it was God's revenge for the Big Easy's sinful ways. Similarly with 9/11 in which they said that it was NYC's liberal essence that led to its destruction. If this is true, then surely the fact that we have repeated tragedies in the Bible Belt should be place for the same sort of inference. Could it be that God despises right-wing fundamental Christianity and is showing his disapproval with these weather events?

I suppose we could look elsewhere for explanations. Global weirding, the increase in unusual weather events, is predicted as a consequence of global warming. More warmth means more energy in the system and that added energy has real effects. That might be one way to account for it, but then, of course, you'd have to allow for global warming and that would make you one of those evil, lefty, moonbat, eco-freaks...or a scientist...

Maybe they're both right. Maybe God designed the Earth with a very specific climate and the fact that we're changing it and making him uncomfortably warm ticks him off and what we're seeing is a message sent to those who are opposing action on reducing our overall carbon footprint. If you don't want any more Joplin, Missouris, we better enact cap and trade soon.