Sunday, April 09, 2006

Giving Thanks and Birthday Wishes

Over at Mad Melancholic Feminista, my fairy blog-mother Aspazia had a wonderful post about realizing how good you have it. Today is my birthday, making it a good day for some introspection and reflection.

Like Aspazia, I am incredibly thankful in a world where so many get trapped in a mindless, "gotta keep the paycheck and health insurance, but I really hate my" job, that I get to do what I love. I play for a living. And do it with wonderful playmates, some at the college and others who also come out to play here.

Most important is my family, the joy of my life, especially TheWife. It amazes me just how many families out there are really screwed up, so to have a wonderful, warm, supportive family who is healthy (one recent surgery, not withstanding) around me is a source of comfort to no end.

One thing that this blog-thingy has brought back is the number of dear friends -- from every part of my life, from childhood to former students of the last couple years -- who are an indelible part of me. Thank you all for being there and for being thoughtful, passionate, and funny.

Life is a busy place and you often forget how charmed a life you live, especially when there are many who have it so hard. Thank you all and please know that I love you guys -- even the ones who for some reason have come to enjoy this silliness and come here to read, but whom I have yet to meet.

As I blow out these candles on my e-cake, let me make one wish (now that Tom Delay has droped out, it's down to one). TheWife took me out to celebrate the other night and as we were watching Big James and the Chicago Playboys, it was announced that Miss Olga was there celebrating her birthday, too...her 85th birthday. While I hope none of us are spending too much time in bars when we are 85 years old, I do hope that all of us, like Miss Olga, get to enjoy not only great longevity, but never give up enjoying that life we have. I wish for everyone the ability to seek out joy for years and years. Happy birthday Miss Olga...I want to be just like you when I grow up.