Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kai Hagen

Our first candidate endorsement goes to Kai Hagen who is running for Frederick county commissioner. Kai is a smart, committed person who has the right approach and the right values at this time of pressured expansion in the county.

For those of you from outside the area, Frederick county is the intersection of the sprawl from both Baltimore and Washington. Where the national version of the culture of corruption involves lobbyists and politicians, on the local level it involves developers and politicians. Kai has been active at holding our town and county level officials responsible for following proper procedure and in leading the charge for projects that will benefit all of the county's residents, not just enrich the developers. To have Kai on the inside, as a working member of the Board of County Commissioners, would be a large step towards a more responsive and caring county government.

Please check out his website (warning: Kai is running for office, so there are plenty shots of his incredibly good-looking family and very photogenic dog at various points) and think about acquiring a bumpersticker or sending some cash his direction. In county-wide races, even a little goes a long way. If you think that the Democratic party needs to be developing a deep bench full of good, smart, strong candidates for all posts from dog catcher up to President, check him out.

Give 'em hell, Kai.