Saturday, April 29, 2006

Who do you feel sorry for?

I feel sorry for the White House staffer in the communications office who is part of the group that needs to track media coverage of the administration and has the job of reporting back every morning about the Daily Show with a straight face and a somber or outraged tone of voice.

I feel sorry for Jeb Bush. He must watch every press conference by The Decider and feel like the Pete Best of politics.

I feel sorry for the callgirls hired by Mitch Wade and Brent Wilkes for Duke Cunningham and the alleged other Republican Congressmen. Having to do suffer the indignity of doing what they had to do for those pasty old white guys and then having to watch the media make a big deal about armoires. At least the fancy French furniture got to keep their drawers.

Whom do you feel sorry for today?