Friday, June 02, 2006

Yin Was Searching For His Yang

This weekend's Comedist moment comes to us by way of the good brother MT. Scientists in Canada have made a shocking discovery. As humans age, our ability to get jokes decreases. Fortunately, we don't find jokes any less funny, but the part of the brain that deals with humour comprehension becomes less acute.

The small study involved 20 healthy older adults with an average age of 73 and 17 younger adults with an average age of 28. In the first of three humour tests, participants were presented with 28 written statements and asked to pick out the humorous ones. One example from the 21 humorous statements was a sign in a tailor shop on Hong Kong: "Please have a fit upstairs".

The second test presented participants with 16 incomplete jokes and asked them to select the funny punch line from a choice of four endings. One joke began: "The neighbour approached Mr Smith at noon on Sunday and inquired, 'Say Smith, are you using your lawnmower this afternoon?' 'Yes I am,’ Smith replied warily." And the funny ending was “Fine you won't be wanting your golf clubs, I'll just borrow them”, while the other endings were either logical or a non sequitur.

A new team of scientists is working on replicating the result, but this time with funny jokes.

But to show that the Cosmic Comic is still has a hand in the running of this universe, we also got this story this week. Seniors may not be getting jokes, but they are getting something else...

The town of The Villages, Florida is a retirement community that "boasts itself as Florida's friendliest hometown." Friendly, indeed.
Doctors in The Villages are seeing increased numbers of seniors afflicted with a health problem most associate with the young. Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise...Doctors in the age-restricted community are seeing increased numbers of cases of herpes, and the Human Papillomavirus virus, or HPV. While statistics aren't yet reflecting the trend, one physician at the Women's Center of The Villages said, even in her years working in Miami, she has never seen so many cases.

Doctor's office co-pay: $10. Having to explain to your 68 year old daughter why Medicare isn't covering the rest of the bill: Priceless.

Seniors may be finding less humor in jokes, but they clearly are compensating in other departments.

It seems only appropriate to end with a dirty joke my grandmother told me a couple of weeks ago:

In the assisted living facility, Murray and Rose went on a date. They ended back in her room and things got friendly. The next day, Murray says to Izzy, "You know, if I knew she was a virgin, I never would have tried anything." Meanwhile, Rose says to Zelda, "If I'd have known he wanted to have sex, I'd have taken off my underwear."