Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good Ones

A few good one's from those internets:

Found these folks today, a new motorcycle gang from the northwest side of Baltimore, Semites on Bikes, the SOB's. They come out to counter-klan protests, except, of course, for the ones held on Saturday. "Dude, don't mess with him, he's an SOB. That's Davy "the Lawyer" Goldstein. A real pair of matzo balls on that guy, if you know what I mean."

I don't know why this site always makes me laugh out loud, but, gosh "I" sure "love" the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks. Maybe it's an "elitist" thing, maybe it's that we all have "pet peeves" and it's fun seeing someone do something about it, but that there blog just "cracks" me up.

Then there was the find of the week. Sorry to go complete philosophy geek on y'all here -- I generally try to keep things non-technical because the whole idea is that I can talk to philosophers anytime, here I want to play with everyone -- but as a big fan of extreme cleverness, I found this magnificent. Brock from Battle Panda (one of my regular stops) gave a link to a poem he wrote, "I Gave My Love an Emerose" I hope he doesn't mind my reproducing it, but I really love it.

I gave my love an emerose
Upon a summer day,
While all around us in the grove
The gavagai did play.
"I've never seen a hue so green,"
My love did say to me.
"My dear," I said, "it's shmolored gred,
Just green until time t."
As a fan of Nelson Goodman and W. V, O. Quine, I think it is fantastic. It led me to this far inferior sequel:

As the gavagai frolicked,
so too did our hearts,
though mine she'd later break
separating its non-detached parts

She turned and asked my intention
and I could but refer
to a singleton set
including only her

We sat and watched a bunny,
but she saw it a duck.
In language that should've been private
I look back and exclaim "darn"

Find any good ones out there lately? Favortie sites we should check out?