Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Price of Entertainment

So, Paula Poundstone is coming to campus. I love her stand-up. I'd love to see her. The cheap seats are $33. I'm not going to see Paula Poundstone.

$33! (A sentence with no letters in it.) I paid $30 to see the Rolling Stones...and they had fireworks...and they were the Rolling Stones. TheWife's response was "You're old." But it seems more than that. The rate of increase of the cost of entertainment strikes me as absurd. I've been priced out of concerts. What accounts for this? Surely, it's not that production values are that much higher. Is it transportation costs? Does ticketmaster's monopoly account for it? What is the deal and is it legitiimate. Is entertainment reasonably priced or is there something to complain about?