Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pity Party: Whom Do You Feel Sorry For?

Been a while since we've had a pity party, so let's open it up.

This week, I feel sorry for Joe Lieberman. Apparently, John "Maverick" McCain really wanted to pick Holy Joe as his VP choice, but Karl Rove, the Bushes, and party insiders said no. McCain caved, being the maverick he is, not wanting to buck his party and instead of Romney (whom they were trying to shove down his throat), he chose Palin. And after all the time Joe spent checking McCain's bearings, he goes and chooses someone else. So, in the end, poor Lieberman gets rejected by the Democratic Party for being a Republican, only to get rejected by the Republican Party for being an Independent Democrat.

I feel sorry for David Duchovny. He's in treatment for sex addiction. The guy just put out a film that's a sequal to the X-Files, so it only stands to reason that his next project would be the XXX-Files. He was just doing research.

I feel sorry for Levi Johnston, the unmarried father of Bristol Palin's child or as Michele Malkin would put it, the "baby daddy". Describing himself on his Facebook page as a "fuckin' redneck," he's on his way to St. Paul for the world's most televised shotgun wedding. Kids make lots of mistakes, but this one goes to the top of the all-time "wrong place, wrong time" list.

I feel sorry for George W. Bush. He costs McCain his shot at the White House in 2000 with false smears about having a black child out of wedlock and how does McCain show his gratitude? He cuts Bush from the Republican National Convention, allowing him to do a videolink from the Oval Office. And apparently, W is pissed. After Bush chose sharing birthday cake with McCain instead of leading the nation during Katrina, McCain goes and chooses a hurricane over Bush. Is that what passes for loyalty today? I mean really.

So, whom do you feel sorry for today?