Monday, June 08, 2009

Politics and the Purse

I live in the part of Maryland where you know you are below the Mason-Dixon line. This has given rise to something I've been thinking about. There's a kids' amusement area -- not a big theme park, but go-carts, laser tag, miniature golf,... -- close by me that the short people would greatly enjoy. But given the right-wing candidates that the owners openly and loudly support on the premises, it has set my feet against ever spending a dime there.

Is this intolerant or a legitimate response? Is this stifling discourse or is my lack of patronage equally legitimate political speech? Is this allowing the power of the purse to be a political power or am I wrongly corrupting an apolitical transaction, turning it political when it should not be? Certainly, I am free to use my hard earned money any way I choose, but am I wrongly trying to punish people for a mere political disagreement or standing up for what I believe in?