Friday, April 02, 2010

Pope Jokes

My Fellow Comedists,

O.k., I admit picking Christianity's holiest weekend to do pope jokes may not be the classiest thing I've ever done, but, well, I just want to make sure we can make these jokes while there still is a pope.

My favorite pope joke:

The pope and a Jewish lawyer die at precisely the same moment and arrive before the pearly gates. Looking at his book, Saint Peter welcomes them both to heaven and asks if it would alright if they shared a ride to their eternal resting places. Agreeing, they get into a golf cart with Saint Peter and drive off down the streets of heaven. Driving through a neighborhood of the most spectacular mansions, Saint Peter stops the cart in front of the largest one in the area. Massive, with guilded gold trim around the windows, a manicured lawn with gorgeous statues and a fountain, magnificent in every way. Saint Peter said to the lawyer, "This is where you will be spending eternity, welcome." He thanked Saint Peter nad walked into his home. "Oh my," thought the Pope, "If that is where a Jewish lawyer lives, imagine where I'll be." Saint Peter drives off and after a few turns, stops in front of a non-decript, little row house in the middle of a block and says to the Pope, "And this is where you will be spending the afterlife." Stunned, the Pope says, "Saint Peter, I don't mean to sound ungrateful but in my life I was Pope. I dedicated my life to serving God and leading his flock. After that, I get this house and a Jewish lawyer gets that one?" Saint Peter looks at him and says, "Up here in heaven, we've got plenty of Popes, but Jewish lawyers?"

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Your favorite pope jokes?

Live, love, and laugh,

Irreverend Steve