Monday, September 13, 2010

Pity Party

Haven't done this one in a while. Whom do you feel sorry for this week?

I feel sorry for Fred Phelps, spiritual leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, who has spent the last decade working his tail off to become the undisputed face of ignorant religious bigotry and lunacy for this nation only to get upstaged by some moron from Florida who threatens to burn the Koran on 9/11. All that work, all those signs, all the miles he's traveled protesting funerals and this schmuck gets national air time and even mentioned by the President for something that takes no creativity. Burning the Koran is so 1933, c'mon, and HE gets the attention? Dude, you were robbed.

I feel sorry for the fire chief of Boulder, Colorado. A major wildfire is raging and he goes before the t.v. cameras to report and tell the people that he understands their pain. Among those displaced by the fire and fearing for their homes and possessions, he disclosed, are his in-laws who are now living with him. No one wants this situation to end as soon as possible more than I do, he told the crowd of reporters. He said that he clearly understands how stressful the situation is.

I feel sorry for the nation's wealthy. Sure, we have a ballooning deficit, but not to extend the Bush tax cuts to those who are rich is absurd. Why punish the successful who worked so hard to inherit their wealth? Why take money from those who earn hundreds of times more than others who work long hours creating the products and services that generate their deservedly massive salaries. It's not fair asking them to pay their fair share.

So, whom do you feel sorry for today?