Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pity Party: Whom Do You Feel Sorry For Today?

This week, I feel sorry for Neville Chamberlain. Here's a guy who has been utterly and completely vilified and all he did was agree to split the Czech. I mean, c'mon, give the guy a break. After all, it was Hitler who wanted to go Dutch...and go Polish, and go Austrian, and go Belgian, and go Danish, and go French, and go Russian...

I feel sorry for Joe Lieberman. I know holy Joe really, really, REALLY wants to be McCain's VP pick, but this is going a step too far:

And I thought Obama meant it metaphorically...

Finally, I feel sorry for Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. Reporters suggested that a crude double entendre was inherent in the name of his ex-model wife's new hair care product, the "Blo and Go." Never mind, that Senator Coleman lives a short drive away from his former colleague Larry Craig's favorite hangout at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, the mere insinuation of such a reference surely offends his sense of family values. With irony like this, how can anyone doubt the existence of a Cosmic Comic and our theory of humorous design?

So, whom do you feel sorry for today?