Friday, September 11, 2009

All Tipping All The Time

For whatever reason, few posts at the Playground generate as many comments as those on tipping. One post that has disappeared from the front page continues to generate discussion, so let's bring it back.

Hanno asks a question that we've wrestled with at home. Do you tip if your service is provided by the owner? Our context was a haircut for TheWife who was styled by the salon's owner. She tipped the woman who washed her hair, but was unsure about tipping the owner. The discussion around tipping generally turns on the low wages paid to service workers by the owners, but what if the worker is the owner? Does it matter what kind of establishment it is, that is, what variety of of service you've received ? Is a hairstylist different from our favorite restaurant where the owner waits tables (and is the single best waiter we've ever had bar none -- we do always tip him)?