Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Opening Day

It's opening day for the Gettysburg College intramural softball league and I'm playing right field for the faculty team which has the throwback name of "The Faculty 9." Dave, our skipper, had intended to call us "The Fighting Schmuckers" after college founder Samuel Schmucker, but changed his mind. Frankly, I'm glad because it eases some of the pressure on us. With a name like The Fighting Schmuckers, we'd have to be good.

But, then, I thought that surely there's something better than the Faculty 9. I mean, we could pull a page from soccer team names and become Faculty United with team jerseys emblazoned with our F.U. logo. Or we could lift from football and become the Oakland Graders. The Toledo Redpens? In grad school the team was, of course, the Home Platonists.

So, what would be a good name for us or, alternatively, what was the best team name you ever had?