Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ponies For All My People

I think Republicans may have just solved the deficit problem once and for all. In their zeal to go after ACORN for the crime of registering minorities to vote, they have crafted a bill that would defund them for infractions of their employees. H.R. 3571, the Defund ACORN Act, reads as follows:

(a) Prohibitions- With respect to any covered organization, the following prohibitions apply:

(1) No Federal contract, grant, cooperative agreement, or any other form of agreement (including a memorandum of understanding) may be awarded to or entered into with the organization.

(2) No Federal funds in any other form may be provided to the organization.
(3) No Federal employee or contractor may promote in any way (including recommending to a person or referring to a person for any purpose) the organization.

(b) Covered Organization- In this section, the term ‘covered organization’ means any of the following:

(1) Any organization that has been indicted for a violation under any Federal or State law governing the financing of a campaign for election for public office or any law governing the administration of an election for public office, including a law relating to voter registration.

(2) Any organization that had its State corporate charter terminated due to its failure to comply with Federal or State lobbying disclosure requirements.

(3) Any organization that has filed a fraudulent form with any Federal or State regulatory agency.

(4) Any organization that--

(A) employs any applicable individual, in a permanent or temporary capacity;

(B) has under contract or retains any applicable individual; or

(C) has any applicable individual acting on the organization’s behalf or with the express or apparent authority of the organization.
Please, please, please pass this. We do need to keep organizations who break the law from receiving government contracts.

According to the Project on Government Oversight's Federal Contractor Misconduct Database, this would not only apply to the tiny ACORN, but also some of the larger oaks in the forest of government contracts. Let's take a peek at just the top 10 recipients of government contracts, shall we?

Contractor (Instances of Misconduct)

1. Lockheed Martin (50)
2. Boeing Company (31)
3. Northrop Grumman (27)
4. General Dynamics (9)
5. Raytheon Company (17)
6. BAE Systems (3)
7. L-3 Communications (5)
8. United Technologies (13)
9. SAIC (10)
10. KBR (18)
That accounts for $137 billion per year -- just for the top ten. That's a lot of savings we're trading for a few hundred people registering people who tend to vote Democratic. You know, with that kind of money, we could probably afford health care for all Americans. Oh wait, the public option would make it cheaper. Well, how about if we each get a pony?